Passwordless login flow for mobile app users

We are building a mobile app that will be used primarily by users in the field, so folks who don't have a computer and aren't being expected to check email regularly, if at all. We need them to be able to log into a Retool Mobile app - they'll be Retool users, but I can't have them needing to check emails or anything to be able to log in the first time. I know Retool supports passwordless login for existing users, but the documentation isn't clear on how that works or what the best way to use it is. How have you all used it before? What is the best way to achieve the goal of field users without email access logging into a mobile app?



Not sure about how exactly to let users see the app without any credentials (unless you want to go public), but we use Google SSO, so anyone in our organization with the company domain can log in with touchID, faceID, whatever and not have to create any retool password or email verification

Thanks! I thought about that but the issue is we use Entra SSO, which is only supported by the Enterprise plan. We aren't nearly big enough to justify that so I'm trying to find another alternative.

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