Parent App Queries in Modules

How do I show query data from a parent app in a module?

  • main reason is that this query information is needed for a dozen other modules going into the parent app and I dont want to run the same query a dozen times within each of the modules. Seems redundant to me.

In the parent app, I have a query that pulls a projects data called project_data

In the module I create an input query field called projectData.

In the parent app, I put the project_data query in the projectData input for the module

In the module, I want to have a table that for the projectData but I cannot figure out how to link the two up. As well, debugging is impossible since I cannot test out the module with sample data.

In the module, when I create an input query it creates a JS script with the same name. I assume there is supposed to be a way to link a temporary module query for testing purposes, but I do not see a way to link it to a module query. If I run the module input query it say no query provided.

What am I missing here?