Paid Consulting

Hi there. I am looking for 1-on-1 paid zoom sessions. $100/hour. Looking for experts on the product that can teach me quickly. I am a developer, so I need someone who is experienced in the advanced things the tech can do. Please drop some recommendations in here. Thanks!

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Happy to help!

Been using Retool for years! :grin:

See my DM.


It's fantastic to see your proactive approach to enhancing your skills through 1-on-1 paid zoom sessions. As a developer, delving into the advanced aspects of the tech can truly elevate your expertise.
Given your specific requirements, seeking guidance from experts who specialize in the intricacies of the product is key. That's where comes in. With their tailored consultations, you can gain deep insights into the product's capabilities and learn advanced techniques that will propel your development skills to new heights.

If I had extra time I'd offer, but I'm probably not the best pick and someone like @tristdrum (I like that clean layout on the site in your bio btw) is bound to have a magician sized deck of tricks up their sleeve. I'm always happy to answer questions on here though along with others, free of charge... and social anxiety :hugs:

Thanks all. Trist was great!

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