Pagination Graphql cursor based

Table pagination previous button is not working. I am using graphQl cursor based pagination. Graphql is working fine.


Hey @Durbek!

For some context here - what version of Retool are you currently on? I noticed it showing you have page "1 of 1" selected - I'm curious if you're passing a particular value to the "Total row count" field or, for older versions of Retool, if you set this value in limit offset based pagination before switching to Relay cursor based.

Hi @Kabirdas ,

I'm using * Retool version 2.92.10.
I haven't set "Total row count" it is using some logic to get it. When the there are 5 element it shows 5 out of 6 (n+1).

Also I noticed that if I decrease "Max PageSize" in Layouts it shows previous button as active. Next button of table works fine, but whenever I click on Previous button it takes not to previous but to the first page.

Hmm... so if you switch the pagination type to limit offset based, that field is empty?

I'm curious to see what the full configuration for the table is. It seems as though there may be an errant property that is causing issues. Have you tried creating a new table and configuring the same pagination settings on that?

It might also help to take a look at some sample return values from the query itself as you paginate (with any sensitive data redacted) so that we can see what exactly is being passed to the table.

If you can provide us with an export of your app (either here or through a private messaging channel) that would also be great!