Paginate ListView

hey i found a simple solution for anyone who would need to paginate their list item view
i created a variable named it currentPage default value 1

const items =
const itemsPerPage = 10;
const currentPageValue = currentPage.value;
const startIndex = (currentPageValue - 1) * itemsPerPage;
const endIndex = startIndex + itemsPerPage;

const paginatedItems = items.slice(startIndex, endIndex);


const totalPages = Math.ceil(items.length / itemsPerPage);

then i added two icons on my list view with events on click

  1. currentPage.setValue(currentPage.value + 1)
  2. currentPage.setValue(currentPage.value - 1)

you can also use buttons hope this helps someone


This is a great tutorial @Vincent_1! We would also recommend using the Pagination or Page Input components for setting up a paginated List View. You can then reference pageInput1.value as the current page.

Paginating your List View, especially on the query side, improves the performance and user experience of your application.

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