Out of Memory when cloning a GitHub repo

I have a workflow that clones a private repository from GitHub using fine-grained access token, make changes to some files and opens a pull request. Everything has been working fine in the past few months but starting from this week I noticed "git clone" failed because the constant "out of memory" error.

Part of the workflow log is attached below:

As you can see, the repo size is way below the 258MB workflow memory requirement Retool has and I haven't made any changes to the git repo. What could be causing this error and how can I fix it?

Here're workflow memory usage when I use cat /proc/meminfo:

Hi @isdanni are you still running into these errors?

I'm having trouble locating your Retool account. If it's under a different email, could you dm me the email so that I can pull up your account info?

Could you also share the date/time that it last ran & hit these errors?