Organization-wide preloaded function not defined in app


I defined a very small test/demo function as an Organization-wide preloaded function:
function test(a,b){
return a + b;

I try to use it in an app like this:

var res = 0;
res = window.test(5,9);

but I get this error: "window.test is not a function".

What am I doing wrong here?

kind regards

Hi Reyer,

I did the same:

and run in javascript

It seems working.

When you implement it make sure to save the app.

Hi Rati_Bakhtadze,

Thanks for trying to help me.
What you tried is an application-wide preloaded function.
However my problem is in the organization-wide preloaded function :wink:


Without any change it suddenly works!
Don't ask me why.

It works in an app.
However when I try to use an organization-wide preloaded JS in a workflow I get an error: "ReferenceError: window is not defined".
I assumed I can use such a function in a workflow. Is that correct?

Hey @Reyer_Sneller! Thank you for surfacing this behavior, and thank you for helping test @Rati_Bakhtadze.

Preloaded JS in apps works with and without the use of window (e.g. {{window.someVar}} and {{someVar}} both work).

However, as you suspected, we don't yet support preloaded JS in Workflows. We have an internal request to support it and I'll keep this thread updated!