Optionally not send a header in a Rest API Resource query


I have a rest API Resource. I have it set up to send a header like this (screenshot) which I need for most queries to that resource.

However there is one query where I need to use this resource but I need to NOT send that authorization header. I have considered replicating the Rest API resource but not including the header in the new resource, but that feels extreme. Since our Rest API Resource is very widely used, I'd rather not just move the Authorization header into the headers of the individual queries in each of my apps- that seems cumbersome. Is there any way to dynamically call my Rest API resource but ask it to not send a certain header? What would you recommend?


Hey @sarah_ergatta!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like configured resource headers can be overwritten from within an app at the moment :pensive:

We have a couple of internal tickets tracking requests that folks have had like sharing auth schemes between resources or being able to easily duplicate resources that might make this process easier and I can let you know if they get included here. For the moment though, the best thing I know to do is manually recreate the resource.