Optional chaining not recognised in firebase raw queries

Working with firebase raw queries beta.
Optional chaining works fine in transform but query fails when ?. is used in the query script.

Thanks for posting this question, @anthony-uspark - happy to take a look here. So that I can reproduce exactly what you're seeing, could you please share a code snippet or a screenshot of what you have set up so far?

@kbn the following code works as expected as a standard JS transformer in Retool, however when the same code is used as a query in Firebase raw mode it results in an error. I believe this is because Firebase raw mode JS query does not support optional chaining or nullish coalescing operators.

const data = [1,2,3];
const results = data?.map(e => e + 1) ?? [];
return results;

Hey @anthony-uspark, Can you work around this by not using optional chaining or nullish coalescing operators in your Firebase query?