Option for Tooltip to display even when component disabled

We often implement Tooltips, love 'em. However, when a component is disabled (yet still visible), its Tooltip typically doesn't work. Sometimes, it would be really helpful for the Tooltip to continue working, so the user can be shown an explanation why the component is disabled and/or what they need to do to enable it.

We encounter this issue mostly within forms, but it applies outside of forms, too. There are some clunky workarounds possible (see below), but it would be much simpler for the tooltip to simply continue working in disabled state, and use a ternary in the Tooltip field keying off the component's enabled/disabled state to show different messages.

It's worth mentioning that this isn't consistent across all components. If you disable a "regular" button, its Tooltip stops working. If you disable a modal's button, however, its Tooltip continues working whether the modal is enabled or disabled. Hm!

Here's an example of a workaround tooltip on a "disabled" button – we want users to see this when they hover over this disabled trashcan button, so they can see why it's disabled. Instead of disabling the trashcan button where we normally would (and thus lose the tooltip), we conditionally change the color of it and also prevent the query from triggering at the event handler level. It works, but, ugh. It would be so much easier to simply use the usual disable attribute yet still have a Tooltip display.

Long story short, would love to have tooltips be able to still work on disabled components (not just buttons, all of 'em)!


We are facing the exact same issue. I disable components which can't be used by the user due to missing permissions. Therefore, the tooltip should help him to understand why this feature is disabled. It works well for text input fields, but for example for buttons the tool tip is not being shown. which is very frustrating. Would be great if Retool can implement a consistent logic and especially the possibility to show tooltips for disabled buttons.


Hello All,

Thanks for writing in about this. We actually have this filed as a feature request and I've linked this post to it. I don't have a timeframe for completion yet but will update you all once there's new news.

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any updates on this?

It looks like this was fixed in a December release!

I've removed the workaround from one of my buttons to test it. By using self.disabled in the tooltip field, I can now toggle between two different tooltips depending on the enabled/disabled state of the button – and the disabled version now displays. Yay!

{{ self.disabled ? 'This is the disabled tooltip' : 'This is the enabled tooltip' }}

@Reboon, check it out