OpenAPI Spec isn't completely imported for Xano Metadata API // Endpoints missing

  • Goal: I wanted to import the Xano Metadata API from their Swagger Documentation with Retools OpenAPI Ressource Type. But after creating the Ressource, some important Endpoints are missing in the Operations Dropdown.

  • Steps: In Ressources pick OpenAPI as specification url enter your meta data swagger page https://{your-instance-id-etc}
    Go to any app or module import the just created ressource try to search for the following operation: PUT /workspace/{workspace_id}/table/{table_id}/content/{content_id} its not there. Only the DELETE Method shows up.

The Endpoint PUT "/workspace/{workspace_id}/table/{table_id}/content/{content_id}" exists and works its also documented in the swagger documentation but it doesnt show up in the operations dropdown.

If I create this API Ressource manually with retools ressource type rest api it works.

swagger doc

swagger doc

RETOOL Operations Bug

I’m having this issue too. All my GET requests seem to be there, but I’m missing a lot of PUT and POST.

Hey @Itsbeau @ben10, I am able to reproduce this issue. The endpoints are fetched in the Schema, but not available in the Operations dropdown. I've submitted a bug report to the team internally, and can update you here as soon as I have any additional information to share.

Hi @ben10 and @Itsbeau! Thank you for reporting the issue. We're implementing a solution for this and it should be rolled out soon! I'll keep you posted about it!

@ben10 @Itsbeau This issue should be fixed and you should be able to enter any request body string for the cases that our UI builder don't support the schema. Please let me know if you still run into any issue with it

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I'm marking this as resolved but please feel free to follow-up if you have any additional feedback.

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