Open modal in table, display data from the row where the button was pressed

I have an app where I display item data from my mssql database. I have a button on every row that opens a modal and populates the fields in my modal with the data from my selected row.
However, if I have checked more than one item, it still only shows data from the row I selected first. I would like to skip getting data based on selected row entirely, and let the button recognize that I want to see data based on the row where I clicked the button.

Is it possible?
Example screenshot:

@Mentellus Welcome to the forum!
I think you might be setting the row to be selected when the Action button is pressed without having preselected multiple rows using the multiselect column....

I got it to work as far as I'm able to click the button without having pre-selected a row and get the correct data, but when I click on the action button on a new row without clearing my selection, I get the data from my previous row. Any pointers?

Yes, uncheck all other rows. You can't have other rows selected and also use because it (the row selected) isn't unique

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Thanks for the help ScottR,
I created a form in my modal and now use the form button to close and reset the row selection.