Only show results submitted by user

I have a form submission app for inspections, on the app I want to have a "previous inspections" screen that will show all inspections the current logged in user has submitted.

The form captures the users name by using {{current_user.fullName}}. I assume I could also use something similar to show the results but am unsure how.

What am I trying to achieve? I want the "previous inspections" page to ONLY pull data out from the table that the current logged in user has previously submitted.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jake

@Jake_Hamilton Previously submitted - your query should be select * from your table where the date < NOW()
Depends on what you are using for a database

@ScottR and off course:

select * from table where data < NOW() and username = {{current_user.fullName}}

to filter out the current user.

Can you explain what 'date <NOW()' means?
I am also using the Retool Database :slight_smile:

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