On change value of text field trigger a query

I want to trigger a query when text input field changes.
I have 3 queries:
query1 for add values.
query2 for read last added value
I am taking one text input field and reading last added value,
query3: this query will trigger on change text input field value

note: it works if I changed text input field manually, I want to do it automatically

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Hello what you mean do it automatically? share some screenshot?

see above screenshot

when Query1_add run it send data value to database, this added data viewed by Query2_view, I have taken textinput1 field to show last value.
Again when Query1_add query run then textinput1 field value changes, whenever value changes i want trigger query3.

I am waiting , does anyone have solution for this?

can you help me out @AnsonHwang I am waiting of your reply.

Hello, Sorry for ignore.
Why not just run query3 in the success event handler of query1_add

Thank you for your reply.
I want read last added data in query3.
when I use success event handler sometimes I didn't get last added data. I don't want to miss the data before running query3.

I am expected I will get response from retool team. but...... no one their responded.

Hi, you can use additionalScope to pass the return value from query1 to query3.

   query1Result: query1.data

and in the body of query3, you can use query1Result directly.

Here is some guide

Hey @Vikas! As @AnsonHwang mentioned, using additionalScope is the way to go here. You can await the return of the original query and then pass that information along to your query3 without needing a change event handler on the text input.

Here, I'm using the return value from query1 to pass some data ('Success!') to query5.

Let me know if you have any questions!