Oh CORS ๐Ÿ˜•, GCS and cors issue by Export File Type

TL: DR: Upload to a Google Cloud bucket fine with Export File Type Binary, always get cors error with Export File type Image (PNG).
Why is CORS always so painful. I have successfully setup a GCS resource to a bucket. Using the following CORS value works find as long as the Export File Type is set to Binary:
[{ "maxAgeSeconds": 3600, "method": ["GET", "HEAD", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE"], "origin": ["https://*.retool.com"], "responseHeader": ["Content-Type", "x-goog-acl"] }]
Once I set the Export File Type in the resource from Binary to Image (PNG) I receive CORS errors. I Even set the following setting and waited 3600 seconds:
[ { "origin": ["*"], "responseHeader": ["*"], "method": ["*"] } ]
And yet there is a CORS error on our retool domain. Since it works fine with type Binary I am wondering if it may possibly be a Retool issue, and not a configuration issue. Thoughts, considerations?
GCS Action set to 'Upload data'

Hello! Thanks for the message. Weโ€™re going to look into this later today โ€” we should get back to you by EOD tomorrow!

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Hi @brettski this is very interesting. Let me try and reproduce this issue now and see where we get!

@will ever discover anything with this?

Hi @brett, Iโ€™m a developer at Retool. Iโ€™ve been looking into this issue for a bit and discovered it may go pretty deep and involve a major over-haul.

How important is this to you?

For example, can you work around this by uploading your file and then change the content-type using a separate query?

I really appreciate you getting back to me on this. It is a pain as I have to follow up with a gcp cli call after uploads to set the correct value.

What about the auto option provided by google cloud to set the Content-Type? So instead of it being explicitly set in your drop-down, add an auto value which allows Google Cloud to set it. I have a process outside of Retool which I used this value which has been pretty successful for different file types.

For example using node bucket upload, simply setting bucket.upload('/path/to/file.svg') uploads the file to that bucket and sets the correct Content-Type.

I obviously have no idea how Retool has structured their Google Cloud connector or if adding such functionality runs as โ€œdeepโ€ as the issue I discovered; though having an โ€˜autoโ€™ option could handle 80% of the file cases and be a good working solution until the deeper issue can be resolved.

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Has this issue been shelved? Looking to see if may actually be corrected.

Hi @brettski, we put out a fix for this recently. We should have notified you.

Is it still not working for you? Let us know.

Hi @hiren, what was the fix? The result or options for uploading a file havenโ€™t changed. They are still only uploaded as Binary, JSON, or csv content types. They application I wrote uploads images to GCP, so for EACH image uploaded a follow up command is run locally to changed the content type of the files so it may be downloaded correctly when requested from the bucket.

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Ah, I reread things. So this was for the CORS errors received from the upload. Yeah, thatโ€™s corrected. I guess I am SOL on the content type or GCSconnector.uploadFileType being set to anything other than binary, json, or csv