Offline Mode Questions

Couple questions about offline mode

  • Is there a way to put the Mobile IDE in Offline/Disconnected mode for testing?
  • Is there a status variable like indicating Connected/Disconnected that could be referenced in a script or query?
  • I have a JS Query that triggers a POST query, and then uses the response from that query to then trigger a PUT (Creates a new Note, then adds the new NoteID to the updated dispatch). I have the JS Query set to offline mode write, but it will run until it gets to the POST trigger, which then goes in the offline queue, but when it reconnects it just runs the first POST, and doesn't finish the rest of the JS Query. Is there a way to have the JS Query go to the offline queue, and run the whole thing when reconnected?
  • Can you add an "Offline Mode" tag to the forum

I am also looking for an offline/online global variable i can check to see if the phone is online or offline

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