OAuth2 verification endpoint error: Cannot access 'res' before initialization

I have an app that uses a RestApi resource with OAuth2 Auth configured. The OAuth2 flow & callback is all working fine (I can use the resource in apps and make authorized requests) but I am trying to get the auth verification endpoint configured.

Right now there is an message being returned when I try to test the endpoint:

Retool will require the auth flow due to error Cannot access 'res' before initialization

See attached screenshot.

The endpoint itself works fine (its an Auth0 hosted openid /userinfo endpoint) and Retool is retrieving tokens fine (apps can use the resources), but its simply the auth verification endpoint that seems to be hitting an error serverside inside of Retool. I want to configure this verification endpoint so that new users opening the app get prompted to authorise.

Anyone able to help me our to uncover what the root cause is here?

Hey there!

Do you currently have the "Access token lifespan" input set? There is a bug at the moment where this setting can conflict with the verification endpoint, but typically if you are using the verification endpoint you wouldn't need to record the expiration time on Retool's end since the validity of the token and authentication prompt is checked through the verification endpoint. Can you confirm if that setting is configured, and if so, if clearing it prevents this error?

I did have the access token lifespan set! As soon as I cleared this value and saved, it began functioning correctly.