Nylas Connection to Webhooks through Workflows


I've being trying to connect Nylas webhooks with Retool workflows, but I've been having issues with the authorization since Nylas requires to pass a challenge in order to manage this connection so I'm not sure what to do now.

I've copied the endpoint provided by the workflow onto the webhook callback url field on nylas

But I get the following error:

Error Adding Webhook

Failed to verify challenge string. Please refer to our documentation for more information: https://developer.nylas.com/docs/developer-tools/webhooks/#challenge-parameter

Reading the documentation, I'm worried about how I would be approaching the challenge and authorization part on retool since the examples provided all seem to be tackle from the server side such as Node.js, Python, Ruby or Java; While in the workflow I don't have any other option beside putting a sample json to work which has nothing to do with what is being requested by Nylas.

What is recommended in this cases? Is this possible? Is there another way to tackle webhooks in retool or am I missing something?

I have to clarify that I'm new to workflows and webhooks, but I believe that I've have activated and deployed the workflow and webhook for them to be available to be reached.

Not sure how relevant this might be for the connection with Nylas.

Hey @Carlos_Ortiz! It looks like this isn't supported at the moment :confused: based on the Nylas documentation the challenge comes via a URL parameter, at the moment, can't be parsed by a Workflow. There's an open request to add support for parsing URL parameters though and I can let you know here if it's included!

Kabirdas, thank you so much for your answer. We were trying to use a bridge application to do the handshake challenge and then send a webhook call to retool through the bridge application. At the end we decided that webhooks wasn't what we were looking, at least not for the time being. But in the future we might decide to go that way.

Do you think this is a good work around, in case we might need to?

And if this is added to retool, we would much appreciated it! :smiley:

Hello! I was wrong in my original post and just edited it for correctness :sweat: the issue seems to be with the challenge being sent as a URL parameter, you should be fine to trigger a Workflow with a GET request. Hopefully, we can support parsing URL params so that you don't need to use a workaround for your Workflow. In the meantime, though, that does sound like it could work!

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