NumPy import error in python code block

I haven't changed anything in the code and I have numpy installed in the workflow packages. However, I am suddenly encountering this error:

How do I fix this? I looked at the documentation, but I don't think it would apply to a Workflow environment?

What specifically are you importing from numpy? I cannot seem to reproduce this error, and it would help to know what properties of numpy you are using to see if there's an incompatibility somewhere.

Additionally, does it happen every time or is this a one-off case?

nothing specific, i just import numpy alongside pandas.
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.56.01 PM

the error was fixed though after i deleted the numpy package from here. it was numpy 1.24.1. i added it when i was making this workflow cause at that time it appeared required? but now, it's not?
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.56.40 PM

still confused, but at least it's fixed i guess :confused:

That shouldn't have affected it, and I'll check in on what's going on here. There was a bug before that required the libraries being imported to be present in the Workflow editor, which is why you needed to add numpy in the Python libraries. I'll keep an eye out for this in the future, and thank you for reporting the error!

same problem,
I just remove library
it shows this error
its source directory; please exit the numpy source tree, and relaunch
your python interpreter from there

ImportError: Unable to import required dependencies: numpy: IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THIS FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE! Importing the numpy C-extensions failed. This error can happen for many reasons, often due to issues with your setup or how NumPy was installed. We have compiled some common reasons and troubleshooting tips at: Troubleshooting — NumPy v2.0.dev0 Manual Please note and check the following: * The Python version is: Python3.10 from "bin/python" * The NumPy version is: "1.24.1" and make sure that they are the versions you expect. Please carefully study the documentation linked above for further help. Original error was: lib/python3.10/site-packages/numpy/core/../../numpy.libs/ cannot read file data (line 2)

the error is caused by import of numpy or import of pandas