Number not Integer?!

I have created a workflow. This loads json data from a url. Then the data goes into a loop and should be written to a database (update or insert). Loading the data works, I can view the data in the loop as console output. The GUI shows me that the value for the database filter is a number (1603). However, I keep getting the error invalid syntax for type integer.

If I enter a number here manually, the count(x) call works, but I cannot write the data to the database. I get a similar error.

It seems to me that no data of the variable value is available in the database part of loop itself, even if it is displayed in the context menu.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone pls get me a hint? Thanks in advance!

Hey @tl_sven taking a look here. That seems to be set up properly. I just set up a similar flow to test and it seems to work for me for both the insert and update. Just to confirm, are you still seeing this error?

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 9.13.51 AM

You don't by some chance have (above/below what's visible) and extra set of { } making it look like your is


do you? Because it looks like it's saying {} isn't a valid integer.