Not importing all columns from Google Sheets

I have a Google sheets resource which was importing all data, then I added some rows to the sheet, and it stopped with an error "Unable to parse range:...".

I am using A1 notation to force the collection beyond column Z, which seems to happen if I have Limit and Offset mode selected (which, by the way, I don't understand how these work, so they're blank).

Actually, it doesn't parse the range even if I reduce it to A1:B2.

And if I delete the rows that I added, still doesn't work!

Any clues?

Hey @jclutterbuck!

This may sound silly but it looks like there's a newline after the specified range - can you try removing that and retrying the query?

Thank you. You're right, it does sound a little silly. But it was a good spot and ,ales perfect sense as it must have "crept" in when I changed the range to accommodate the added rows and then I never noticed.


I did start transferring the data to a Retool database - which I might stick with.

What a great service you guys provide.