Not Found error when calling resource (API)

We are randomly getting a 404 not found error when make a request to a resource. This appears to be something internal to Retool, but we can't determine what (The UUID isn't ours).

We have two users with the same permissions profile, one works fine the other doesn't and they get a 404 error for a specific request - other requests to the same backend work fine, there is a sample of the error attached.

Anyone else seen this , advice on how to troubleshoot or any other ideas?

Hey @tcem, is the user that is seeing this error able to query your API outside of Retool using something like Postman? Do you have any advanced settings set for the query that makes requests to this API (Disable Query, Access Controls)?

Hi @cperea, It's strange, it appears to be an internal retool issue. If we republish the error often goes away. Outside of retool there are no issues. There are no advanced permissions on the resource in the retool app, I've checked the JSON export as well just to make sure. No Disable Query or anything similar - this one is about as simple as it gets, other calls to the same system, different endpoints work without issue for the user that has issues with this one resource / endpoint. We have a workaround at the moment, but it's not long term ideal (version and publish the app).