Not collection correct values to push to bigquery

Hello all,

I was trying to create a query that will update certain data in the table from text input.
After running update with
SET campaign = "{{CampainInput.value}}"
WHERE campaign_id = "{{table1.selectedRow.campaign_id}}" as a result to BQ is sended value in the form of
SET campaign = " ? "
WHERE campaign_id = ?

The same issue is with trying this request in GUI mode. As far as i understand, the problem is with correct collection of values. But i have tested the same format with text commponent and all was shown correctly. Any idea would really help. Thank you


Do not use double quotation marks "{{CampainInput.value}}" but single ' {{CampainInput.value}}' ,

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Thank you, but result is still the same(

Can you show the result as last time?

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I have additionaly done it without quotation marks and data was delivered correctly.
For now I do not understand why it is not needed. Havent found in documentation any example for BQ directly.


Hi @Mariya_Bahmat

In general, you shouldn't need quotes around dynamic values in Retool. If {{CampainInput.value}} evaluates to a string, it will be treated as such in your query.