Not able to use PDF Exporter:

I am getting the following error when trying to run PDF export query. Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data'). I just have simple text and nothing dynamic.

Hey @ArunJRK , welcome to the community :))

Weird, does that happen as well if you trigger the query directly vs the button?

Hello @minijohn, Thanks.

It happened during both times. Surprisingly in the evening it worked. But the result PDF was not show worthy.Processing: generatedpdf.pdf...

This was the PDF generated. I wanted to have couple of rows of information and a table. But the formatting was not user friendly enough. I guess not much customization is available via markdown.

Later I tried to use opensources PDF genrators. simonbengtsson/jsPDF-AutoTable: jsPDF plugin for generating PDF tables with javascript ( and parallax/jsPDF: Client-side JavaScript PDF generation for everyone. (

Then I found that the JS we run in retool is run inside a sandbox with which the PDF cannot be downloaded. So I looking out for other options.

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Hi @ArunJRK - the first issue you mention about Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data') was a bug that our engineering team fixed this week. It sounds like you're no longer running into that I'm hoping you haven't run into that over the past couple days, since the team merged the fix :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you for flagging it here!

As for the formatting options available when exporting PDFs in Retool, here's a blog post by one of our customers that goes through various options that can be used. It explains things much better and more thoroughly than I could share here!

If you do find that there's more functionality you'd like for your use case, would you mind posting it as a feature request so that other users who are interested can chime in, and so it's tracked in the feature requests section of the forum? Thanks again for letting us know ways that Retool can be even more useful for your use case.

Thanks @kbn for the reply. Yeah I saw it was fixed. And thanks for sharing the links.

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