Noob Here! API Call to Stripe - List of Object: How Do I Display It? Component: Object

So, I am not a developer but started experimenting recently with API calls. Postman, Zapier, and recently leveled-up to ReTool which seems like an amazing tool for my needs.
I did an API call to Stripe, as a start - type GET and Retrieve List of All Products.
Now, I am trying to see the list below - and when I tried doing that with a "Text" component, and adding in its Value - it tells me the value has to be string (makes sense, it is "text") while I am providing an Object (apparently, the type of response for GET in Stripe for list of all products..

What type of component I should use to see the list?


Thanks for the help in advance and appreciate the patience

@Dori_Fussmann Welcome to the forum!
Is it possible for you to share some screenshots?

Yes sir!

Screenshot 1 is the Stripe API call (no confidential information there - just the URL):

Then the text component

I am trying to use to get the list (screenshot 2) - it's the Value that I think I am struggling with, but it might be other things as well..

Thank you!

Try using a table component instead as you prob have more than one value in the payload coming back.

That's great @ScottR - works! thank you very much