No "Table Edit Queries" section on table inspect for Firestore database

I was following this tutorial: How to build a Firebase admin panel / GUI in 6 minutes - YouTube

All was great until he went on to connect the queries to the UI, but no Table Edit Queries section shows up on my sidebar to do so.

Any help?

The weird part is that the "Table Edit Queries" section is mentioned so many times in the docs and in videos. Also, in the "recent updates" section of the docs, there is no mention of removing it. I am wondering if it has been temporarily taken down or is being adjusted?

Maybe it accidentally got removed when they recently added the Style Editor and Event Handler sections?

Really not sure here. Any help is appreciated!

Hey there Samuel,

Sorry of the confusion! This feature is now found under "Events". You'll want to create an event handler for "Save Changes" and "Save New" to correspond with the old fields "Bulk update action" and "On row add" respectively:

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