Newly created Form is submitting twice

I have a heavily modified form that is submitting twice.

So to isolate the problem, I created a new form and generated it from a resource. I left it fully default and it is also submitting twice.

When I click Submit, its runs the insert query twice and I get two new records, one has the data I entered and the second it blank because the form was cleared between triggers.

If I disable Reset after successful submit then I get two identical records.

Hi thanks for reaching out! We are aware of this issue and are pushing out a fix.

This should now be fixed! Please let us know if you see anything out of order.

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I'm seeing this issue on version 2.93.9. This is absolutely critical, as some queries really shouldn't be run twice. How should I go about debugging this?

Hi @torkel! Definitely shouldn't be happening. Would you mind sharing an export of your app so I can test your setup on 2.93? I can't seem to repro on 2.93 or on our current latest Cloud version.

You can export your apps by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app > Export to JSON.