New Table - Sum Mapped values

Hi there,

I have a table component with a mapped value. In the old table component I could use displayeddata to sum the amounts. How can I sum mapped values in the new table component in order to show them in a text component?

I can see the message "Below, item will reference the mapped value." but I can't really figure it out.


Hi @MiguelOrtiz

Thanks for reaching out!

For context, a few users have asked for us to add the .displayedData property, and it's something that we're thinking about. There isn't a clear design path forward on it at the moment, so for now, we can come up with a workaround.

As far as getting the mapped values, I recommend adding the same logic from the mapper to your sum logic. In the screenshots, I have a mapper of adding 1 to each item:

Then, in my sum logic, I again add 1 to each row item:

One thing to keep in mind is that displayedData also omitted filtered data, while includes the full dataset. If that's important for your use case, you can also add that to your sum calculation as well by referencing the .filterStack property