New table row triggers don't seem to support row variables

Many of the apps we've built have tables that allow a user to click on a link/button to take the user to another app in Retool. Some of those other apps use hash URL parameters to call out the id of the object that the page should pull up information on. So, the link/button to that app needs to support adding in the expected URL parameters.

The old table allowed me to configure the trigger in a way that passed in a value from the row into the URL parameter. e.g. {{}}

The new table supports {{}} and {{}} in some of the fields for the column, but when configuring the triggers, those don't seem to be supported, so I'm not sure how to construct a link that when clicked will take the user to the other Retool app with the expected URL parameters.

Am I missing something?

Hey DNethers - welcome to the forum!

Would this work for you?

So when you click on a button it will by default select current row so you can reference the field by {{}} as an example.

With this you will get the URL/Hash params passed.

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