New Table - Row click action triggering when clicking on column header making sorting not possible

Hi there!

Loving the new table however I ran into a strange behaviour that I'm not sure is intentional or not, either way, it leads to some weird behaviour.

I added a "Row click" event handler to my table, the action for that handler is to open another app. Our team prefers being able to click anywhere on the row to trigger something so we've opted to not use an action on the row. The weirdness comes when you click on a column header for sorting, when you do that the "Row click" handler is triggered which is weird because I wouldn't consider the column header to be a row, but I guess that's how it's modelled internally?

Either way, I tried to disable my action if the selectedDataIndex == 0 but unfortunately the column header row and the first row share an index of 0, which is also strange?

Does anyone know how to have a row click handler but not have it be triggered when a column header is clicked? I'd like to support sorting and if the row click handler fires whenever click on a column that makes it's impossible.

Hi, maybe you can listen to the event of select row instead of row click, which will not triggered when you click the header. But be notice that if you click the same row twice or more at the same time, the second and the one after it will not trigger the event.

Also, if you insists to use row click event. You can set Only run when to {{typeof currentSourceRow!== 'undefined'}}


Here is my debug using console.log(arguments)

It output with following when you click header.