New Table - List of Options in Tag Column does not allow user to scroll down


I am using the new Table component, and have some Tag columns. They display the correct set of options as I would expect, however the list of options is so long it runs out of the bottom of the screen.

That would be fine if I could just scroll down in the dropdown list, however when I attempt to scroll down the dropdown list closes automatically. Thus the user can't access most of the values in the list. Any recs? Let me know if you need a video, unsure how to take one but I could probably figure it out.

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Hi @Justin_Bartell Thanks for flagging this buggy behavior! I am able to reproduce it internally. I haven't found a great solution yet, but I'll submit this as a bug to our team so they can work on a fix!

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Hi @Justin_Bartell This bug should be fixed on Cloud! Let me know if you're still seeing any issues

Thanks for the update Tess! Just tested and it's working great for me!

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