New table event handlers missing scope for currentSourceRow

Thank you for adding new event handlers. Keep that up please!

But some problems with them at the moment. The following event handlers do not have access to row context like currentRow, most of the new ones and some of the existing ones:

selectRow, deselectRow, and changeRowSelection, changeCell

'changeCell` does have access to row or item context.

`SelectCell has item context, but it is null or something.

All Row events need access to row context and all cell events need access to item context. It is very preferable for cell events to also have access to row context.


Thanks for the feedback, @bradlymathews! I'm making sure this is requested internally as well

Just found out the same oddity for the click events (row, cell), where I needed to reference the source row to read the original value of an HTML formatted column.

While as noted by @bradlymathews , selectRow does not expose currentRow or currentSourceRow, clickRow event does expose currentRow (only) but "incorrectly".

Indeed, in the event handler, when typing currentRow, the UI evaluates to the currentSourceRow actually which is misleading. At runtime though, the currentRow (as displayed) is referenced.

Likewise, in below workaround for my use case (the sourceRow value is embedded in the Computed value/URL so I can extract it), the UI says in error but actually at runtime, the URL is parsed correctly.

This should be cleaned up now :slightly_smiling_face: