New table component - no support for accents?

Hi there,

I am converting the old table component to the new version but I run into a strange behaviour: although my data (in Xano) has strings with accents, these accents do not show in the new table. But they are there in the old table.
See screenshot with the new table below the old table.

Any idea what is happening? Is this a bug? Or a setting?

thx. Erik

In addition, I have a modal to edit a row of the data and the modal shows the accented string correctly in a select component. The issue only seems to appear in the new table component.

Hi @erikwillemse,

This definitely looks like a bug, but I'm having a bit of trouble reproducing it. Here's a new Table component with what I believe are the same accents correctly rendering:

CleanShot 2023-06-27 at 11.27.15@2x

Do you mind sending me a sample of your data? You can paste a JSON snippet here or over DM.


Hi Alexi,
Thx for checking this out. I have saved a subset of api respons as a json file on:

I have added it as a resource to a new project and added a table and the json contains the accents, the table does not.

Hope you replicate the issue on your site with this information.


@erikwillemse yes! thank you. it looks like the default {{ _.startCase(item) }} code that's added to the mapped value field of Tag columns is the issue here.



Can you confirm on your side? I've logged this issue internally, but for now removing that default code should hopefully resolve your issue.

Removing the default {{ _.startCase(item) }} code does indeed solve the issue.
Thanks for getting this fixed.