New Resource Query Chooser - Comments and Query JSON With SQL Query option is now missing

I see that the way you choose a resource query has changed. You now have to search for a resource - you cannot select an existing one. You get the option to choose from Popular resources, but that brings up the resource configuration, not an existing resource you have set up.

I do not like it!

It is confusing to combine two different actions (choosing a specific resource to use and creating a resource) into the same flow with the create new resource taking most of the screen real estate. Having a Create new resource link as it was previously is the right balance.

If you were to put your most used resources in that Popular section that would make much more sense. But I also need a way to browse the resource options rather than having to remember them all so I can type one in.

Also, Query JSON With SQL is now missing.

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+1 on not liking the new UI :slight_smile:

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+1 I keep selecting the wrong thing


Thanks, everyone! Sharing this feedback internally as well.

For the time being, the + Javascript Query option has the previous UI where you can select any resource from the dropdown, including Query JSON with SQL


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