New: Rating Column Type on Table

Hey all!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Rating Column Type on Table V2!

When formatting your columns in Table, you can now choose the Rating type in the Format dropdown:

This column is a feature that existed in Table V1 and now exists in Table V2! It also contains some editor fields that exist for the Rating component.

We’ve also added a size option for the Rating component and column type that reduce the icon size. Here’s a comparison of the default and small size options.

We have launched this feature to 100% of cloud users and it will be available in on-prem versions >= 3.35. Please let us know in this thread if you have any comments/suggestions.

Happy building!

– Brenna


Perfect timing for me, I was just building a table that needed this.

One issue is that it seems to be treated as a string column when trying to do an aggregation or summary row. So I can only see "Count Distinct" for summary, not Sum or Average etc. I'm working around it but not in an elegant manner, would be great if it could be treated as a numeric


Thanks for pointing this out; I'll take a look!

@dcartlidge pushed a fix out - should be on version 3.36.0!

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I'm seeing lots of interesting updates with Tables v2 but still nothing on the roadmap/timeline to feature parity with Tables v1...until that is sorted I just can't migrate

Table V2 parity towards Table V1 and eventual deprecation of Table V1 are on our timeline! Are there any features you wish to see on Table V2 that exist on Table V1 and are blocking your migration?

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Its been a while since I compared tbh but row colours & disabling sorting were definitely a problematic gap for my use case

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I see - disabling sorting is currently in the works and should be out soon! Could you elaborate more on row colors?

The use case for this is the daily agenda for a paintball venue.
They can have various, variable sessions per day. Each session is comprised of variable bookings. A booking can span multiple sessions.

There is a need to know: Which bookings are in a session (Jones x 5 w 500 balls each, Smith x 20 w 20k balls total) and a summary of the session (25 w 22.5k balls),

Currently the best way I've found in retool to display this info is to have it all in a single table sorted by session time, within each session time sort by session summary then booking name).

I then colour the session summary rows to make the table easy to digest at a glance.