New listview auto height not working


Not sure if this is a bug but I have the new listview with auto height so it should be dynamically resizing the container as I add/remove components. I noticed that sometimes it does and othertimes it has a ton of extra space like this.

Here's a video showing what happens. It seems to only be when the record count reaches 1.
CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 14.11.25

Hi Tiffany, thanks for reporting this and using the new list view! I can reproduce it on my end, I believe this is a bug when the instance in an auto height List View instances is exactly 5 rows high. I'll take a look at a fix in the next few days

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Just an update, I have identified the cause of this bug, and you can expect a fix to be out tomorrow. In the meantime, adding a spacer to make your List View 6 rows instead of 5 should help mitigate the issue. Thanks for reporting!

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