New Forms "Failed to Publish"

I've created a form using the new public forms feature. When I try to publish the form, I just get the error message "failed to publish" with no explanation or hint as to why the form will not publish.


Did you get any help here? Have the same problem with my form and already started over and over again just to have the problem again at some time :frowning_face: I think it has something todo with adding fields to the database later on :thinking: However, this not be a problem IMO as it should be pretty normal that you want to add a created_at or status field or whatever that you'll need in your flow later on.

Thanks for chiming in, @chrituri

I'll flag this to our team for a fix! I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, so if you have any browser console errors that would be helpful to see

The sync form option might come in handy for new fields!

Ok I think I found why its not working anymore. I've renamed the Retool Postgres Table it was using, after changing it back it worked. I realized this as the cURL returned something like with "cannot find ODLTABLENAME" or something.

However, its still a bit weird because from UI perspective you are able to just chose any table which wont work as it seems it tries to still use the old relation to publish. So IMO it should be possible to rename the table in the database or in general chose another table in the forms UI.

Thanks, @chrituri! I see what you mean. I agree, this should be supported, or it should at least have better errors. I reached out to our team for a fix, so I'll keep you posted when I hear an update