New Forms - Buggy behavior when trying to edit

Just tried out the new Forms.

Particularly when coming back to edit a form after it was initially created, the behavior is buggy.

Columns that are added in designed are not all added to the db (upon clicking Publish). And the columns that were added to db are not populating data with new submissions.

The 'Generate form' button appears to be perpetually 'disabled'. I don't know if that relates to the issue or not. If, in fact, it never because 'clickable', it should be removed as it creates confusion.

The same goes for the Preview sub-tab (from the Database Tab. the one next to Schema) - I've never seen it contain any data. If that is always the case, remove it to avoid confusion.

I'll mention this is hooked up to Retool DB, as that may have some bearing.
That reminds me, there's some questionable behavior going on, with the auto-generated table naming scheme. It's creating and changing the number at the end, like newFormApplication (4)
to (3) and (5), even though such tables never exist in the DB. This is partly an issue when initially creating a form, and potentially a separate issue when editing.

It was only after fumbling with it all for a little while, that I noticed in the Docs that is says Beta.
You should change the 'New' icon in the Main Retool page/workspace to Beta. It might be worthwhile to highlight it better, even in the Docs, as it's coupled together with the unrelated point of it only being available for Retool Cloud.

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