New bug: something changed in sizing custom components?

Has something changes in height sizing of custom components or the custom component resize beta? Across multiple apps I've now lost Mapbox and other custom charting components that have lost their height. My UI is now showing a new height option for the custom components with Auto and Fixed options but neither appears to work to get the components to be visible:

Grab 20240402 1812.png

Mapbox custom components display as white, charts with minimal height: see before and after whatever has been rolled out:

EDIT: It looks like the custom components now have a huge bottom margin or padding:

EDIT: The Mapbox and chart custom components can be made visible by setting an explicit height in px rather than the previous 100% value in the component's main div holder css. Not ideal but it works as a fix.

My account is part of the resize custom components beta and it's the one experiencing the issue.