New behavior: Query fires even when watched value has not changed

I have the following query:

select j.*, f.*, t.caption_tools_id
from jobs j
left join file_job fj on fj.job_id=j.job_id
left join files f on f.file_id=fj.job_id
left join tasks t on t.job_id=j.job_id
where j.project_id = {{}}
and t.task_type_id=3

It is meant to populate a sub-table when the selection on the main table has been changed. Very common pattern for my app.

This one however is behaving differently. When I click an already selected row on tblProjects, the query triggers. Sometimes, it triggers twice.

I made a second query and a second table, to make sure there were no non-default settings and linked them in the same way. They are behaving in the same way.

I tried some other apps that I do not believe had this behavior in the past and they are doing the same thing now.

Seems like a significant change in behavior.

I remember from this post (A JSON SQL query watching a value is constantly firing even though the value has not changed) that it is not whether a value has changed but when it gets re-evaluated that causes the events.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce the queries running twice. I went ahead and notified our team on this and will keep this thread updated on a fix! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Kenny

Could you confirm for me that clicking an existing table row should not be firing the query even once?


Yes! You're correct. Clicking an existing table row should not be firing off any query (unless if you intentionally have it set that way with a Table component's event handler > Row select change).

Ok good, I'm not losing my mind! (yet). I'll keep a watch on this thread for when that (and the double query trigger) is fixed.