New behavior/new bug – No way to add components to a drawer module

I was excited to see and use the new feature where components can be inserted before or after an existing component. However, I'm running into an issue trying to use it inside a drawer.

I have a module where all content is inside a drawer frame. When I try to insert a component using the before/after feature, those components are added to "Main Components" of the Module Container frame, rather than the drawer frame.

My previous hack to this kind of behavior was to cmd+X Cut the component, click on the component I wanted to insert after, and then cmd+V Paste the component into the tree. This now also seems to be broken, so there is no way to add components to this drawer frame.

Hey @Levi, are you still seeing this behavior. Just tested it out and I can use the Paste Below feature in a drawer as well as copy and pasting it in the Component Tree (which is very cool btw, I had no idea that was possible!). Let me know if you are still unable to add components to that drawer. Thanks!