Need to dynamically filter dropdown arrays inside list items


I'm building a form where I have service categories and then services. Categories have a category_id, and each service also has a category_id in it's record.

What I have though is a list inside retool so for each category the user selects, it creates a new object in the list.

So a user might select "cloud" and "data" as their service categories, now they have two more dropdowns that say "select your cloud services" and "select your data services" and this is using the i variable.

Since my full list of services offered might have 5 data services, 6 cloud services, and 30 other services with other categories, they all have the id.

I need each dropdown inside each item to only list services associated with that ID.

I'd use SQL if it was just for one dropdown not in a list, but it doesn't seem to work with item lists and filtering with index information.

Let me know if this makes sense of if any screenshots/example data would help.


Hey @KMTAutomation!

I think I'm following, but any screenshots you have of your current setup would be great :sweat_smile:

I just set up a pretty simple version, is this similar to what you have/are looking to do?

See attached JSON of my quick repro app! You can import it into your org and poke around (docs here on importing JSON app files into your org)


Hey @victoria

Even better, I've got a screen recording for you! Let me know if this gives more context and helps :slightly_smiling_face: Streamable


Super helpful, thank you! Would it be possible for me to step into your org and make some changes in a duplicate copy of your app? I can also set up something similar on my end, but I might as well make sure I'm using the right syntax for your exact setup! If this sounds okay with you, DM'ing me a link to your app would be perfect. If not, happy to try setting up something on my end :blush:

Thanks, I'll send you a message! What's the best way to do that on here, I don't see a button for it.

Are you okay to message me and I'll respond?


Absolutely, will do now!

(In general, if you click my profile, you should be able to click "Message")