Need to autogenerate unique values in a form

Hi how i can auto generate unique values for a form input? example

every time a new client is created should have the id in this format: NAME-DATE-RETOOL USER

example: John-11-01-2024-Alexis(this is the retool user login) but employees can create like 10000 John in the same day, i need this to be unique, i think in {{ uuid.v4() }} but not sure if that always be unique and will never duplicate? as i have 10 users working in the same form.

any tips?

thank you

Most of the time this would be done on the DB side I think, where you could have an auto-increment ID column and then the "username" would be a combination of form fields + the ID. UUID will always be unique, but it's longer string to include in a username.

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thank you