myTable.displayedData is always null within a JS Query scope

When I reference the .displayedData property of my table within a JS query, it always return null despite obviously having data.

If I view the the table object in the left panel, the array is populated. If I assign .displayedData to a temp state var everything is there. While in the editor if I use Intellisense on the property (type a . to see what else is available) the array reveals itself as expected.

However if I, for instance, tempvar.setValue(myTable.displayedData) within the JS query, it is null. Everything I do with it within the JS query, when it runs, it is null.

Hey @bradlymathews, that’s a weird one that I can’t quite repro locally. What data is backing the table? Is it a regular query, or something more complex?


It got weirder. After a few page refreshes for another issue, the .displayedData property started working but the stopped working.

Then they both started working a bit later.

I am going to forget this for now and just assume I was doing something really odd that was dodged by refactoring the code. Feel free to toss this one into the circular file.


Glad you figured it out, but very strange…keep us updated :slight_smile:

same issue. except hasnt resolved on it's own yet

Hi @Leonardo_Melendez Thanks for reaching out & I'm sorry to hear you ran into this issue :disappointed: Any chance you can share an export of your app? It's not something I've been able to reproduce internally