myTable.displayedData is always null within a JS Query scope

When I reference the .displayedData property of my table within a JS query, it always return null despite obviously having data.

If I view the the table object in the left panel, the array is populated. If I assign .displayedData to a temp state var everything is there. While in the editor if I use Intellisense on the property (type a . to see what else is available) the array reveals itself as expected.

However if I, for instance, tempvar.setValue(myTable.displayedData) within the JS query, it is null. Everything I do with it within the JS query, when it runs, it is null.

Hey @bradlymathews, that’s a weird one that I can’t quite repro locally. What data is backing the table? Is it a regular query, or something more complex?


It got weirder. After a few page refreshes for another issue, the .displayedData property started working but the stopped working.

Then they both started working a bit later.

I am going to forget this for now and just assume I was doing something really odd that was dodged by refactoring the code. Feel free to toss this one into the circular file.

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Glad you figured it out, but very strange…keep us updated :slight_smile: