MySQL IN() Clause with array

Hi everyone,
I'm making a SELECT query for my MySQL DB with In() clause like this:

SELECT * FROM mytable
WHERE (col1, col2) IN ( (val1, val2), (val11, val22) );

What I want to do is to use variable values like this:

SELECT * FROM mytable
WHERE (col1, col2) IN ( {{select_distinct_pairs}} );

The {{select_distinct_pairs}} is the result from JSON query like this:

SELECT distinct pair1, pair2 FROM {{}}

I get error message from MySQL

ER_OPERAND_COLUMNS: Operand should contain 2 column(s)

Apparantly the {{select_distinct_pairs}} is not passed as ('', '') type arrays. And formatDataAsArray doesn't work either.
I believe I cannot make {{select_distinct_pairs}} into string or so since query via Retool is prepared statement.
How could I make this happen?

Thank you in advance.

solved by converting the JSON query result using transformer

let tableData = data
const array = [];
for (let i = 0; i < tableData.length; i++) {
  _.forOwn(tableData[i],function(value,key) {
    array[i] = Object.values(tableData[i])
return array