MySQL connection with override outbound retool region selected does not work

Hi everyone,
I have a question. We try to connect a ressource (MySQL DB) to our retool account.
It is important to us that the data transfer takes place within the EU. The connection to our database works via the default ips (us-west-2 Oregon) but if we select the option "override default outbound Retool region" with eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) it does not work. All IP's metioned in the connection detail page are allowed. Does anyone have am idea what the problem might be? I am grateful for any help! This is an urgent matter and our future usage of retool depends on it...

Hey @Karolis can you share the error that you get when you switch regions?

Hi Joe,
thank you for your response. This is the error message:
" Test connection failed (20.377s):connect ETIMEDOUT
{query: "Select 1 as result", error: Object}
query: "Select 1 as result"
error: Object
message: "connect ETIMEDOUT" "