Mysql Call SP(SELECT) Data is not displayed

[MySQL WorkBench]
In mysql, it is a simple test sp that is well displayed.

[Retool - Now]
However, even if the same sp is called in Retool, the Data is not displayed.

[Retool - I want result]
Retool wants to be Data 1, 2, and 3, as shown in MySQL Workbench.

Hi @roiz Thanks for reaching out about this!

This is a bug in Retool :disappointed:

We'll post on this thread if we're able to ship a fix

We now have a fix for this bug! Stored procedures should be working in Cloud, and it's behind a feature flag for on-premise accounts. If you're using an on-premise instance and you'd like the fix now, please reach out to us at Otherwise, the fix should be released without the flag soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Were you able to resolve this issue. I am facing exact same issue and running retool in self-service mode. Please share the details how to fix this issue. Appreciate.


Hi @anilr Happy to help! Can you let us know which version of Retool you're on?

Hi @Tess, I'm having same issue on self-hosted retool 2.97.4. Is it a fixed version?
Could you let me know this issue is resolved from which version of self-hosted release? I cannot find any "procedure" related features from release note.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @padam Thanks for checking in! Can you try upgrading to 2.99+?

My internal notes say that it should be fixed by that version or later