Mutiselect Listbox vs Multiselect dropdown

Hi there!

Is there a reason why the multiselect listbox does not support "Allow Custom Values" like the multiselect dropdown? Or is this something on the product roadmap?

I realized that there is no typeahead-like control in retool and I am trying to build a typeahead-like behavior using a textbox and a multi select listbox or dropdown (by allowing custom values). I prefer the listbox because it helps users view selected options more clearly than the dropdown. But I don't see a Allow custom values option and it would be nice to support similar features as the multiselect dropdown because they serve more or less the same purpose.

I think examples like yours are relatively rare.

Yes, you can implement a similar version yourself.

Add a add custom value button to change the value of a tempState, and use this tempState as value of listBox.

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