Multivalued Input

Do we have multi valued input in Retool, in which we can input a value and by pressing enter it can be wrapped with bubbles and so on without dropdown.

Similar to this-

This is the urgent requirement for my task. Please help.

@ishi8 I don't see this as an available type of component

Can we try adding this in future. It is important one.

Hey ishi, not 100% sure if this is what you are looking for but we do have the tags component. In conjunction with a textInput and temp state you can get this working. This is how I set it up.

Everytime you type something into the text component and hit enter, it updates the temp state variable and creates a new tag! Let me know if that works for you.\

I didn’t think of that but it seems like a good work around/solution!

Approach works good. But this arrangement seems not good as a User experience, since we can't delete the tags manually by clicking on the crosses button if it exists, and why we are assigning tags below the input, if we can give them inside the input.

Hey ishi, I wasn't sure what your actual application and needs were for this. Agreed that it doesn't quite fit the bill if you require the ability to delete the tags with the 'x', etc. Unfortunately the component you are looking for doesn't exist inside of Retool at this time. Happy to talk though exactly what you need so that we can put in a feature request for you. Thanks!

Hey @joeBumbaca . My simple request for tye component is that their is a component in retool- Multiselect. In this component, whatever value user tries to write in input will also go in the dropdown. But I just want to cut that dropdown part, otyerwise, it could solve my test case.

Hope you understand what i want to say

Sounds good! I'll submit that for you.

Thankyou @joeBumbaca