multiselectListbox's selected values in WHERE clause of SQL

I'm trying to use the selected values of my multiselectListbox1 component in the WHERE section of my Microsoft SQL query. When i manually add in the array it works fine with

WHERE EMP.SSNO IN ('134', '181', '132')

But not with:

WHERE EMP.SSNO IN ({{multiselectListbox1.value}})

Selected data in component:


Its not necessarily just the multiselect, I would like to know how to do it with a query, example {{}}

Can you use ANY instead of IN?

I'm not too familiar with that one. I'm listing staff pictures based on selected staff numbers. From what I read online 'any' requires <>. My staff numbers need to be exact, not greater than or less than.

Hi there! We have some examples in this doc for working with arrays. There are two tabs for MSSQL. Let us know if one of those solutions helps!